Based on AI assisted data research and previous experience, we believe that the crypto-markets as well as the digital asset market will drastically increase in the next few years to come.

We are currently pooling fiat currency and tokens to form a diversified fund of cryptocurrencies and tokens that is predicted to grow exponentially in the next few months to come.

The fund will be privately managed and monitored by an experienced team in Panama, Hong Kong and Canada. This private fund will be open to potential investors until 15th February 2022 – with a lock-in period of 8 month.


Private equity funds are closed-end funds that are considered an alternative investment class. Because they are private, their capital is not listed on a public exchange. These funds allow private individuals and a variety of institutions to directly invest in and acquire equity ownership in companies or holdings in crypto assets.

Funds may consider purchasing stakes in private firms or public companies with the intention of de-listing the latter from public stock exchanges to take them private. After a certain period of time, the private equity fund generally divests its holdings through a number of options, including initial public offerings (IPOs) or sales to other private equity firms.


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